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in Support and help by ZokeS (390 points)

1 Answer

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First off, check your spam folder. Second, empty the field, save, and add your email address again and see if it works better. Check the spam folder again.

If that doesn't work, contact our support, provide us your profile name (gccom nick name), your email address and about what time you tried to do it (don't forget your timezone). We can then investigate. the matter We actually know that it fails sometimes, but we don't know why yet. We have quite a lot of logging though, so knowing of a case that didn't work might help us a lot.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
selected by ZokeS
Hi, of cause I checked my Spam folder before asking :)
I also not got a mail informing me that I got a reply on the question here.
I now folowed the instruction you gave me, but is the same, I receive no verify mail in my mailbox (spam folder checked again)
I opened a case now on the support with the time.
There is a high risk you won't receive the answer if I reply via the support system, since it's by email, so I will reply here instead.

Now when I have your email address I could investigate. Your mail server has responded with a "553 sorry, your envelope sender has been denied (#5.7.1)", and we therefore have stopped sending emails to it. I have now reset it from our side, and we will see if it will work better.
Now I received 2 mails, 1 for the aswer here and 1 for the support case.
But in the settings when I try to use the button to regenerate the verify mail, nothing happend.
Before the button disappeared, but now it stays even clicking 5 times nothing happend an no mail is generated
problem solved
today I used the button again in the setting an received the verification mail.

Thanks for your help