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0 votes

Would it be possible to create a checker for GC5BA51 please. 

To fulfill the challenge you have to do the following two requests:

  1. List in your log these caches with GC code, name, date of found and Owner, whose GC codes together contain all 31 possible characters exactly once!
  2. The list of these caches must contain at least two caches that were found on the same day OR contain one of your own caches!

Thanks a lot

in Miscellaneous by smellfooth (4.8k points)

1 Answer

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Best answer

the checker is here:

it was hard to implement, however works. But the script cannot check all combinations of the caches in real time, so there is possibility of false negative. However, in the case of timeout, the script reports the possibility of false negative.

Thank to vogelbird for have point me to this reguest.

by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)
selected by smellfooth
Thanks a lot for your great support.