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On the advice of "Project-GC" and Groundspeak's own stats website "MyGeocachingProfile" stats site , I chose from years ago to tag my first-to-find caches with **FTF**, which now is showing on GC logs as 'bolded' FTF (i.e. FTF). For cacher's using the more common *FTF* tag, their logs now show this in italic: FTF.

I will be furious if stats sites are no longer able to pick-up my FTFs - I have around 2730 FTFs and FTF hunting forms one of my main pleasures when caching. I appreciated Groundspeak do not acknowledge or care about this sidegame, but a lot of us do enjoy this aspect and wish to have the ability to count them through such as the superb P-GC.

So, although **FTF** is still showing when tagged logs are 'edited', it is displayed on cache pages as FTF - is this another case of HQ implementing major changes without seeing through all the consequences for the paying membership!!!

QUESTION IS: can P-GC still "see" our tags and count FTFs?

in Support and help by PlasmaWave (380 points)
You could build a FTF bookmark list, that will be updated once a day (paying members?)
Well, it IS a bit of work for you, i understand.. ;-)

3 Answers

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Project-gc will be receiving the raw logs through so will see the originally entered plain text and not the rendered output, therefore everything will keep working fine (assuming that don't do something really stupid).
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
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It will work as before.

When you download a cache description in the API the log text is unchanged. I tried now to dowload a cache into a new database in GSAK and the log text keeps the tag as {*FTF*} so evertyhting will works.
On a side not i noticed that GSAK renders markdown now so the tag is displayed in italic. I checked the database directly to be sure
If you download the cache in an mobile app you will see the complete tag, if markdown has not bean added
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
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I use (FTF) for the reason that it can't be confused as any kind of code, but the others are probably right that it won't matter.
by Paperballpark (11.5k points)