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+1 vote
I am trying to create a custom filter with 5 or 6 counties from 2 different regions in Sweden that I would like to apply to "Solved Mysteries". But it seems like I can only add one area to the filter (I only add Sweden and Göteborg and add/save, nothing else). I thought I could add Göteborg and Mölndal counties to the filter.

I know realise I can't even use Custom Filter on Solved Mysteries but the question about creating a custom area with Custom Filter remains. Or is it an other way to achieve this?
in Support and help by doffy_74 (580 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

I believe that you can solve the multiple counties in one custom filter by adding several statements. If I remember correctly, it's done in this video. The video shows D/T, but the concept is the same.

I can't promise that custom filters are compatible with solved mysteries, but I will look into adding it there. Remind me if you have heard anything in a few days.

by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)