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As many of our checker results produce a table of qualifying finds, I looked at converting mine to produce markdown tables. But alas, Groundspeak's implementation of Markdown has "extra mode" turned off, so:

Tables are not supported
Footnotes are not supported
Abbreviations are not supported
Embedded HTML is not supported

However, although tables are not supported directly, monospaced font is, so we can still make tables the hard way. Either:

Delimit the data with backticks: `this text will be monospaced`


Indent with 4 spaces or a tab: This is a normal paragraph.

    This will be a preformatted
    code block.

Hope this helps!

in Miscellaneous by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.1k points)
edited by the Seagnoid (Expert)

1 Answer

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Good info Seagnoid!

Keep in mind that Project-GC is also doing some automatic conversion of some old formatting to markdown.

For example, a script that users [B] [/B] will get translated to ** ** so the bold still works.   I think they are also translating url links and will now convert [CODE]  [/CODE] block to the 4 space method.

I have found one case where their conversions conflicted but it was easily corrected.  

It would be good for all script owners spot check their scripts to be sure everything is coming out the way you expect it.

One nice markdown feature that was not easily done before is the numbered list.   Just put any number and a period in front of the lines you want to be in numbered list.  It doens't matter what the number is, it will start with 1.  For example:

1. **GC1234** This is a Cache
1. **GCABC**  This is also a cache
1. **GCZ999**  Yet Another Cache

will result in a 3 item numbered list (1.. 2.. 3)
by TravelingGeek (1.2k points)
The list text is not completely correct. has made a change to to the markdown. The number list has to start with 1. to reduce the number of old logs that was created to list by mistake. And there has to be a space after the .


1. foo
5. bar

becomes a list but
5. bar


2. foo
5. bar

does not become lists

There also has to be a space before the first and after the last  * or ** i am not sure pgc does that.
Space can alos be start and en of line and maby tab.