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I want to set an area for me to help rescue TB's. I commute between home and work, and I want that area to be my rescue area. I have found a coordinate somewhere in the middle, but the radius was to small - alternatively the coordinate a little off. Now I want to re-define my area, but that does not seem possible?

Will it be possible later (after beta) to re-difine areas, or will I have to try my way with coordinates and radii until I find the right combination?

Kind regards and thanks in advance
in Support and help by GEO Karen (360 points)
I disagree with you, that my question has already been discussed. I didn't see my question as a bug-report. I didn't get an error. I know that the TB-rescue is a beta-version and not completely developed yet. I hope (and wanted to suggest) that in the final/real version it will be possible to make updates or corrections to a set rescue-area without having to start over again and again.
Oh ... sorry.  I read too fast. But therefore it should be filled as a "Feature request", then "Support".

1 Answer

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We have no plans of implementing a editing of watch zones since it's very easy to just create another one, and another one, and then remove/delete those that aren't wanted.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
Okay, thanks anyway.