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J'ai écrit un log "note" sur TB Rescue. Et en le validant, en cliquant une seule fois sur le bouton, ce sont 3 logs qui ont été enregistrés et qui sont affichés.
Cf exemple : TB6KWWJ (

Merci :-)


I wrote a log "note" on TB Rescue. And validating it by clicking once on the button, it is 3 logs that have been saved and are displayed.
See Example: TB6KWWJ(

Thanks :-)

in Bug reports by Jipem (1.7k points)
Ich habe das selbe Problem bei TB5XYD3

Danke :-)
I have the same problem with TB5XYD3

Thanks :-)
This just happened to me, 5 logs (TB7EXPR)

1 Answer

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I have seen a few of those, and deleted the duplicates.

A fix has also been made to prevent it. Not sure if it works though. If you still have three logs the issue still exists and we have to address it.
by magma1447 (Admin) (234k points)
Unfortunately, it doesn't work :( .... Just a few minutes before I created a note and it appears 5 times oO
Same here...I got a log yesterday of a mission of my own for trackable TB6CRAP
There are 5 logs on the mission page now and I got 5 emails as the mission owner for each log.
It's fine now. Thanks for deletion of the duplicates :)
We can't figure our how and why it's happening though. Meanwhile we have a small script that we can manually run to clean it up.