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Can anyone think of a way of running a PQ/ filter that will show all caches for which I have logged a DNF but I have not subsequently found?

I have some of these stored in bookmarks/ watch lists but not all of them.
in Support and help by Hendry Clan Five (140 points)
The only way i know to do that is byt using GSAK. Download all your logs with the GetAllLogsForUser macro. And then filter for caches that have more then one dnf log and is logged by you. And then add to a bookmark list or somthing else usefull
I tried that with my logs and found 70 caches i have a DNF log on. I have made fewer DNF logs then i suspected.
Other cache managers might also work but i have not used any.

You cant do it with PGC because you cant find you DNF logs on it.
You cant create a PQ on with DNF caches.
The only way to downlod DNF is with the get logs API function that the macro uses and i have not seen it used in any other place.

If you like to do it in GSAK feel free to ask me. GSAK is not newbie friendly but user friendly (You can do a lot on it)
I have more or less the same question, but instead it concerns "Write Note" logs. Sometimes I bump in to a cache, where I find it, but do not have the time or equipment to log it. Since I did find it, I do not want to write a DNF. So I want to list those caches where I have a note written but not logged the cache. I guess it could be done as above, but I am not into GSAK yet.
The answer is the same. The only difference is that you have to check notes instead of DNF

1 Answer

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Hello !

This link shows your DNF logs, but even if you found the cache later :

So this solution is not perfect but it lists all DNF. Then you can sort caches you want to store.

by Pierre G (240 points)