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checker request for GC2Y75G

0 votes

Would it be possible to create a checker for GC2Y75G, please.

Thanks a lot

asked Feb 17, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by smellfooth (3,620 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Unfortunately no
There are som requirements that cant be tested for:

"- Other challenge caches cannot be used as qualifying cache finds as the difficulty and terrain ratings on these generally reflect the sum of all finds required to be made on the way to that challenge cache. You can, however, use for this challenge cache any finds you used to qualify for other challenges (except as below), so long as all other conditions are met."

Hard to detect because just looking for unknowns with challenge in the name will result in false negative and positive cases

"- Cache finds used to qualify for the NZ D/T Bingo 1 Line Challenge cannot be used for this challenge cache."

This cant be known to the checker.

"- Caches owned by, adopted by, originally placed by, previously found by, or replaced by, the finder cannot be used for this challenge. The point is to go out and find qualifying caches placed by other people that you've never found before."

Cant be tested for

"- Caches that were disabled or archived at the time of finding cannot be used for this challenge, even if the finder replaces them. If a cache is subsequently archived before completing the challenge, indicate this on your log, but the cache find will still qualify."
Cant be tested for

But before i read all the rules I tagged a script.  I will result in false positive because of the unstable rules above.
You will need a minimum of 7 finds to qualify. The relevant DT matrix is displayed  by the checker (Excluding the rules above).
9 of the last 10 logs got an ok except one that likely missed the in New Zeeland part
answered Feb 17, 2016 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)