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0 votes
While logging some TBs today, I wondered if there is also a statistic about how many Kilometers or Miles a Cacher MOVED TBs and Coins. I think this is pushing more that people take TBs with them on travel vs simply discovering them.

The counting should be limited to maximum 50 (but could also be 10...) visits per person travelling with. This is to exclude mileage tags which visit each cache of an owner or prolonged visits to get distances. Additionally only Caches count that the current travelling owner has also found on the same day.

Greetings Demon999
in Feature requests by demon999 (120 points)
If i am not mistaken the problem is that  the information for moved tb:s is not exposed in the API in a way that make that stat possible

1 Answer

+1 vote
Target. is fairly right, it is possible with the API, but we would need to fetch a lot of information to calculate that. It would increase our data usage of the Geocaching LIVE api with 50-100%. This would then increase the load on Groundspeak's servers with such significant amount that it's not really doable on such big scale.
by magma1447 (Admin) (226k points)
Sugar ;-)

maybe later. As Groundspeak is interested in growing that business model (I think) they might offer it themselves for use via API

We'll see. Thanks a lot for consideration!