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+1 vote
IE D/T grid, D/T rating, Month Placed, Date Placed, Icons, CO distribution, etc (Similar to find Stats).

Can be good for evaluating caching destinations.
in Miscellaneous by GeoYakr (390 points)
edited by GeoYakr

1 Answer

–1 vote
oh ... for PQ ... I don't see any use of it. But you have these stats for countries:
by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
It is useful for finding selecting a destination based on the stats of geocaches in an area.  IE.  2 destination options.  for the caches withing 20 miles, It would be good to see a 'profile' (similar to user finds) of the caches.  How many of each container, type, DT grid, Jasmer Grid, etc.  I would pick the destination that best matches my caching agenda.