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So what I am trying to do is the following... get a map with ~30 markers (coords) and a 4km radius around each of those markers. Then list GCs within those circled areas, preferably as Live Map Overlay and list of caches. Any ideas? What I tried so far: Flopps Map (limited to 26 markers and, which is worse, no cache overlay possible), my second attempt is to define bookmarks for all caches within those 30x4km radius areas...but this is lacking the "live" part. Sorry if I explained this more complicated then it actually is..  however I cannot find a easy solution or any solution for that matter right now. Can Project-GC help me find it? ;)

In the end this is obviously gonna end up as a "Challenge-Checker" :)
in Feature requests by GLaDOSa (140 points)
To my knowledge there is not good way to to that on pgc.
You can do that for one cache on mapcompare
but not for caches. Because the map is defined by the url you only have to edit the gc code to create a link to the map os it is easy to create a local html page with links
like below centred around one of your hides
<a href="">GC59WWH</a>

If you are a paying member you can add the caches from all maps to a vpgs to create a map with all caches. But new caches in the area will not be automaticly added but with the links it is easier to add new cahes but 40 pages has to be visited.

The only way to to that automatic it probably to use GSAK or something similar. A script could be written to combine filters like that and automatic check for new caches.

If this is a challenge to log all caches within 4 km from a caches a checker cant be created. The checker has only access to your finds and no access to other caches. It is possible to get the number of caches for a country, region or county but not borders defined by a coordinate and radius. It is not likely to change because filter by a precalculated area name is fast but looking at the coordinates will be to slow.

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