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I was trying to do checker for cache GC3QRAQ, but I ended up with problem with these special characters. When I insert them into the tag, it works fine, but when I see the tag on the checker page, there are escaped unicode characters and it doesn't work well in Lua.

This is not checker requrest, but more like error report in checker or question if it is even possible to make this in Project-GC environment.
in Miscellaneous by Jakuje (Moderator) (113k points)
escaped characters in region and county filter works.  like {"region":"V√§sterbotten"}
Maybe  there are some problem if they are in a string parsed by lua.
It is hard to see the problem when the tag is disabled. Please enable it. I suspect it might use my alphabetchecher
enabled. You can try now.

1 Answer

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There a cheker working at

Lua have som UTF8 problem and a had to use alphabet defines in the script.

It it possible to parse a custom alphabet and make in work but one missing API function has to be added
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by Jakuje (Moderator)
thank you. This solves my current problem.
But the point of this topic is still there. Is it right that it is not possible to pass UTF8 characters through tags to script?
Do you want my tag for testing or should I remove it?
Remove or disable it. It were not om my script
You can pass UTF8 code via the config but the the script has to written with API and not lua standard functions if you are manipulate the string by using a substring etc
If the value is only used for direct comparison or send to the AIP it works without problem

You can look at at alphabet checker with only aö below it work but because a missing UTF8StringLength a garbage empty character is added in the end
I have asked ganja1447 for the missing function
OK. Thank you. I think this is solved by this time.