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+2 votes
in Support and help by DARK KAT (400 points)

2 Answers

+4 votes

Jakuje aleady answered your quetion but there is a problem which I forgot to mention before.

In the described process you can only load the live caches.

There is another way to get the coordinates but you have to convert the "my finds" file 3 times in two different programmes. The programmes are open souce. (GPSBabel and OpenOffice)

1. Convert in GPSBabel the downloaded file from [GPX XML] into [Tab delimited fields usefull for OpenOffice etc]

2. Open this converted file in OpenOffice Writer (looks horrible but don't worry)

3. Copy this complete file and open a new page in OpenOffice Calc

4. Paste the copy via Special Paste -Selection Text without make-up into OpenOffice Calc and make sure that the import is set to Tabulator.

5. You now have Tabular spreatsheet which you can delete the colums which are not required 

The end result looks like this

IndexLat LonNameDescription
055.240583N 9.982833EGC49QVCEnghave Mejeri
151.712467N 4.640417EGCH9XPMoerdijkbrug


To do this for 3000+ finds, when you have the two programmes installed , takes less than 5 minutes
by vogelbird (Expert) (53.6k points)
Is that nessecery? The map compare inclyde archived and disabled caches. And the original coordinates are included in the vgps. Just export the vgps as csv.
The only difference is if you have found a retracted cache.
my original answer ( was like you say the vgps and csv. But this morning I checked my own find and I was missing some , So I agree the easy way is download a cvs file.
Rectivication on the above my total finds are now correct, I missed the disabled caches.
Many thanks for your help vogelbird, Target and Jakuje - Jakuje's solution utilising the VGPS worked just fine for me :)
+3 votes

Easiest is probably to run Map Compare only with yourself (it will probably freeze your browser for some time):

and then

  • switch to "DARK KAT found" tab
  • select all caches with the checkbox above the list
  • click button "Add" with VGPS image
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
Many thanks Jakuje - the option to load them into the VGPS and then to look at the list worked just fine for my needs.