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+1 vote
I keep getting a red error bar saying the following "Profile false not found" and I keep getting logged out. I've authorized the site probably 3 times so far today.
in Bug reports by Sherminator18 (420 points)
Do you use any software / browser addons, that blocks the site? Like NoScript for example?
In what case? What's the link you are using?

Since you are writing here, I assume that you manage to authenticate/login.
Yes I'm able to authenticate and log back in. I noticed this because the web extension on has been saying Not Logged In so I click that tab and authenticate and log back in and then that error shows up. And after an hour or so it says I'm not logged in again. The web extension was working fine a day ago and I was staying logged in

1 Answer

0 votes

This could happen when your browser doesn't save cookies.

Check if your browser is allowed to store cookies (3rd party cookies are not necessary) or if you have some setting enabled to delete all cookies after a session.

Also if you are browsing in the private mode of your browser, cookies will be deleted after you close it.

by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
I've never had this problem with the site before. I use the web extension as well and a day ago everything was fine. Now I keep getting logged out