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I just wanted to write about something I noticed today. One of the tags for automatic detection of FTFs is {*FTF*} but now with the Markdown in logs anything within one let of asterisks will be put in italics. Will Project GC still detect this?
in Bug reports by Sherminator18 (420 points)
I've been using *FTF* for all of mine and they still seem to be in my stats.
I would suggest to start using {*FTF*} because that will not be italic in markdown but *FTF* will be.
And the "official" pgc ftf tag list is {*FTF*} {FTF} [FTF] but som more will work
Thanks. That's all I needed to know.

3 Answers

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As Project-gc gets the raw data of the logs via the API, the FTF detection will still work.
by DrHool (3.4k points)
selected by Sherminator18
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As said before pgc get the raw text

But that is not how the markdown work. It did the day of the release but was changed. Perhaps after iIcomplain in the thread in the forum

The has to be a space(start or end of line is also ok) before and after the formatting * or ** to make it italic or bold. That is to make the {*FTF*} tag look correct and usernames with more the two * in the to be correct

Another non standard is that for heading beginning and ending # is required to avoid incorrect formating of old logs

The real problematic markdown that i have found is that having with only - or = that is often used as a partitioning of the log text. I often used it to separate the log part for the cache and a part for the trip. It will make the rows above header 1 och header 2.
if you like to use it a separator a blank row is needed above and 3 - will be a sparator like below

Lock at Aggbjörn 2011 #2: Auforfe where the 3 top logs look terrible. On of them i mine.

Another change is that numbered list had to start with 1 to reduce unintentional list on old logs

Not a numberd list
3. bar
4. bar 

a numbrerd list with whew the numbers will be changed

1. foo
3. bar
4. bar 

  1. foo
  2. bar
  3. bar
The last part is that the preformated text is not in the documentation but works
Add a blank line and put 4 spaces in the beginning of each line and the test will be in monospace font. No markdown tags will work. It useful for listing caches for challenges so it is readable, many checkers generate output like that 

The markdown editor that uses is:
There are more markdown listed inte the formate there and some works on 

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
I know how Markdown works. I just wanted to see if Project GC would still get that info.
Obvious not the version because {*FTF*} is not renderad as italic.

It will be interesting to see the result when apps implements markdown because i have not seen a specification that describes all modifications
My apologies. I typed *{FTF}* instead of {*FTF*} and that's why it was showing up as italic when I looked.
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We use ***FTF*** and although it does get converted to italics, Project-GC has picked up all our FTF's so far without a problem.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
Difficult to understand why someone thinks this positive answer deserves a negative down vote!