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I'd love a (paying members only?) notifier option for Challenge logs.

When a cacher logs a Challenge cache as Found It (or changes an existing log to Found It), and the Challenge cache has a checker, the CO would get an email with the result of the checker for that cacher.

This should be limited to Challenge CO's that have a Project-GC account.

It would make log validation for my Challenges a lot easier.
in Feature requests by BBosman (1.0k points)
If you want to create this there is an additional step to be created.

The CO needs to validate the checker.

I spend the last few month in checking the checkers of a few countries and found in about 10% something wrong. (the main reason for checking was verify my own tags and correct the faulty ones)

Sometimes the challenge is tagged a few times and one of the tags is faulty
Sometimes the challenge has a tag with a small interpretation error or the challenge is not clear in that respect.
Sometimes there is an accidental error and nobody has pointed this out.

In other cases the script is faulty

I've writen to the taggers and script writer who made a mistake but only the very actives ones take action. From the others I hear or see nothing.
As a cache owner I get email notifications from when someone logs a find on a cache. Normally the log messages contain the criteria so are relatively easy to confirm visually anyway (particularly if they've pasted the output of the geochecker). For the ones which look dubious it isn't that many extra steps to copy and paste their name into the checker (or just use verify tag to check the last 10 loggers).

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