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0 votes
I have 2 area´s I can watch for TB rescue missions, from my home location and from my work location (they are 80+ km apart). For my work (as extra area to do rescue missions) I could put it on 20 km, but my home location is standard on 50km and that is to much for me. How do I also make my home area for rescue actions at 20/30 km?
in Support and help by *Sjouwke* (140 points)
You add a new zone around your home coordinates with 20km radius and deactivate or delete the first one (with 50km radius).

That's all.

1 Answer

0 votes
You can't edit the initial suggested zone but if you don't like the size of it then just create a new one in the same spot but with a different radius.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (176k points)
In fact, no zones can be edited, it's not just the standard zone.
When I made a new zone for my work place, I could put it at 20 km, you can fill that in yourself, so that works ok. Just my homezone I cant change, and I cant either add a new zone with the coörds of my home, then I get an error popup (as that already exists maybe). So the initial answer doesnt work... And when I uncheck my standard location I am logged out of tb rescue.
Got it :-) I made a new zone with the coörds of a cache nearby, so not my home ones. Then I could remove the standard zone, so all is fine now :-)