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+3 votes

Using Map Counties it might be an interesting to be able to turn on multi select for the regions- and country-boxes like in Map - Hidden Month and others.

In the moment you can only show all counties of one country or all counties of one regions of one country.

In Map Regions similar only with the countries box.

You would be able to show all or some Regions of both Germany and Denmark for example or all or some counties of the border regions Syddanmark and Schleswig-Holstein if you make holiday near a countries border.

in Feature requests by E.U.S.A.L (880 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
I'd stay with my suggestion to add the already implemented multiselectionfeature to "Map Counties / Regions".

Any comment from the developers?
by E.U.S.A.L (880 points)
–1 vote
A multi selection option would be nice on the map page but in lieu of that, you could make a custom filter for the countries, regions and counties you are looking for.  This requires you to create a statement for each of the counties which could be a problem if you had MANY counties to look at but if it were a manageable number it might be worth trying.
by Stewj (1.2k points)
edited by Stewj