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I just thought I'd note that I've finished going through the language file for English (UK) and translating it from English (US). There was quite a bit more needed changing than I thought there would be - mostly just changes from American spelling to British spelling. It's taken me about two weeks to do so, and I've noticed that some of the early changes I made have already been incorporated into the site, which is great to see! :)

I don't think I've missed anything, although I probably have. I'll keep an eye out and make any further changes that I notice need doing.

I have noticed though, that 'The Favorite Cacher' on the BadgeGen tab can't be translated (to 'The Favourite Cacher'), presumably because the author of BadgeGen wants all the badge names to be kept in English. Oh well.
in Miscellaneous by Paperballpark (11.5k points)
edited by Paperballpark
Great work - thanks!
Great job, we will update the translations on the site soon again. I am quite impressed by the fact that you managed to translate it, and find most(?) of the us/uk differences. I bet there were some English to correct as well since the base texts is written by a swede. :)

It's actually not the author of BadgeGen who has prevented us from translating the Badge names, but probably something we decided ourselves. Not sure if it's a wise decision or not though.
Yeah I'm fairly sure that I managed to spot most of the UK/US differences. I'm sure I'll have missed some, but if I spot any while using the site, I'll change them too.

And yes, I did re-word some of the sentences. They read fine and were understandable, but some of them weren't worded as a native speaker would word them :)
Thats great- well done
Nice work. Maybe a translation to Olde English would be fun, too

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