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My tracable was dropped off to a cache about week ago. Yesterday owner of this cache archived it. He is the owner of over 1200 caches. The cache was not muggled. It was active over 4 years and now local regulations has changed and it is no more allowed to cache exist there (local city park). As I think, the cache owner has no time to service all caches he own, so I don't belive, that he will take out my TB from cache (he doesn't told me that he will).

So... I want to create a rescue mission - but I can't.

"A rescue mission can not be created for this trackable due to the following reasons:

  • This trackable has been dropped off too recently."

I think, that it should be possible to create a rescue mission when a cache was archived, even recently drop off.

I belive, that the container is still on its place in good shape, but noone knows how long... Thats why rescue mission shoud be allowed.

in Feature requests by Miszczus (2.6k points)

3 Answers

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It sounds reasonable to allow missions to be created on archived geocaches, as a complement to the "not moved in a long time".

I have bookmarked this topic, I can't promise any ETA of an update though.
by magma1447 (Admin) (234k points)
selected by Miszczus
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Good suggestion but probably not going to help you in the short term.  Any chance you could contact one or two of the most recent finders and ask them to return to to the cache or if they know a cacher in the area of the archived cache to do a manual rescue run for you?
by Stewj (1.2k points)
I allready wrote to recent finders and few cachers which found the cache just after it was publish (they may live near).
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Groundspeak rules state "Once your geocache has been archived, please be sure to remove the physical container from its hiding spot as soon as possible." (Link)

If the CO hasn't done this, and has just left it in place you could flag this up to the local reviewer.

by Optimist on the run (Expert) (18.5k points)
As soon as possible can be a very long time. Especially if people have moved.