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For example here:

None of the nothernmost, southernmost etc. caches is located in Germany. 

Any chance for a fix here?

Maybe those caches could be blacklisted or filtered and the cacher gets an information for the executed filter.

in Feature requests by capsai (740 points)
The North, East and West caches that come up on that search are all listed as being in Germany, but have coordinates outside of the country. It is a little odd that this tool uses the listed country, where most of Project-GC uses the coordinates to work out location, but doesn't look like it's actually "wrong". The South one ("Opera Houses of the World"), seems to be a locationless cache owned by a German, so that also seems somewhat appropriate.

If you add the "Hide Disabled/Archived" filter, the extreme active caches all look appropriate.
I confirm this seems to be a new bug, it worked few time ago.

I add the bug flag to be clear ... but how could i do that?

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