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Will there be a heatmap of caches found in project - GC?

+7 votes
Besides the map with the countries in which you found caches in green, I would like to have a map on which the single caches you found are marked.
asked Mar 30, 2016 in Feature requests by pingurus (1,850 points)
retagged Mar 30, 2016 by pingurus
I assume you suggest to have the number of caches color-coded for each country? This I would like as well!
Yes, like that or, as I would prefer, like on
If my preferred method is not possible it would be nice to have the possibility to see the regions/counties colour coded on the overview map (in my case Europe).
It would be great if this is realised!
Oh that would be nice!

A heatmap like they do for soccer-matches.
Hmmm. No answer here?

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