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+1 vote
I logged some super favorited caches over a week ago.  project GC shows them as found, and I have not favorited them yet.  However, when I use the "Forgotten Favorites" tool, these caches don't show up.  Is there a longer delay for this tool than most?  I seem to remember being able to use this tool a day after logging them in the past.
in Support and help by Geo-Knot (630 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes

As soon as Project-GC knows about your find, it should work. This normally takes about 24-30 hours.

Two questions then remains.

  1. Does Project-GC know about your finds?
  2. Does the geocaches qualify for the algorithm.
A GC-Code would help to analyze this.
The algorithm basically checks for two things, one of these must be fulfilled:
  1. FP% >= 25 and number of finds >= 5
  2. Number of FP >= 5 and FP% >= 25
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
OK, thanks for the info.  It looks like the ones I was expecting to get picked up do not satisfy the 25% rule...
GC5MY17, GCD026, GC765E
That seems to be the reason.
|           23.504300 | GC5MY17 |
|           12.487000 | GC765E  |
|            8.298200 | GCD026  |

So this is by design of the tool. If it's a good design can be discussed though. :) Regardless, it will never be 100%, it gives a great hint.