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+2 votes
Hi there,

it's not a big thing, but when I checked the "Unanswered" threads I found this one:

And right now, there are two "answers" ... but they are listed under "comment" which is (in my opinion) the reason, for that "mislisting".

Wouldn't it make sense, that just the TO can use the "comment" feature? All other users has to use "answer" and everything is fine :)
in Miscellaneous by geoGRAV (6.9k points)

2 Answers

+8 votes
Best answer

I can agree that it can be confusing in the way that some users respond in the wrong way, and we try to clean it up afterwards.

However, the mentioned thread is unanswered. Someone has added a comment on the question, because it was lacking information. The original poster has then added information. It would have been better that he updated the question with the missing data, and then just replied "I have added the missing data" and other comments he had.

But still, the question does not have an "answer" (solution) yet, so it should be be visible.

The big issue here is that a system used for asking questions has been used for an announcement, which means there is no answer needed. We try to clean up a lot in this system, and we will do something with this post as well. Might be that we actually remove it. But since we understand the point behind it, we are waiting some days first, so that those interested actually gets some time to see it.


To explain the system.

  • User answer when you actually are trying to explain a solution, or saying that it's not possible. It should be an attempt to answer in a way where the issue can be seen as solved or partly solved afterwards.
  • When adding new data, updated your questions or answers. It will then be much easier to read for those reading the thread afterwards.
  • Use comments for short "comments" like "I think you should add this data", "I dont understand this part", "I have updated my answer".
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
selected by geoGRAV
Ah ... that explaines a lot!
+2 votes
I think the Comment vs Answer is a bit confusing on this site.

I asked for help creating a checker, i got some comments and i answered. After this the thread is listed as answered, but i haven't got help with making the checker.

I would like to see a bit of a change on this site.

Maybe when a Mod eller Admin answer the thread shift color.

So i agree its a bit confusing.
by Team Karlsen (4.2k points)
As long as you don't select an answer as "best answer" it will still be listed in (or same thing with category checker-requests,, which is linked on the checker page for script creators.