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0 votes
In my statistics a particular D/T combination is noted as found that I can not find in my Founds list.

Both ProjectGC and Geocaching statistics note 1 cache found in D3.5/T1, but in the stats generated by GSAK it is empty and I can't find it in my founds list.  

Using the D/T matrix list in Project-GC, this combination is filled in with blue "Missing in the next loop". What does this mean?

Is there any way of seeing which cache has been noted in the statistics as having a specific D/T combination?
in Support and help by Flying-Kiwi (120 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
That means that you have exactly as many finds for that D/T as are needed for your current filters in the D/T tool (green means you have more than that). So yes, it means you have a find for that D/T.

Use the Map Compare tool and the D/T filter to figure out what cache this is (you may need to add the filter to show deactivated/archived caches as well).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (176k points)
Used your suggestion and found the problem. I had been updating my founds list in GSAK only with new finds. An older find had had it's D/T upgraded after I found it and this wasn't reflected in my list.
Thanks for your help!