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counties in Switzerland

0 votes
In January 2016 there were some changes of the boundaries of  county in Switzerland. Actually there are "only" 2409 counties in Switzerland. In comparision with the map of Switzerland on the statistic page, where you will find 2412 counties, it seems there is a small bug. Would it be possible to recheck or reimport the boundaries of Switzerland to adapt the new county situation in Switzerland.

You will find the official administrative boundaries on for free (furthermore you will also find the latest boundaries of Lichtenstein).

If you need help, you can contact me.
asked Apr 11, 2016 in Bug reports by smellfooth (3,620 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Are you sure there should be 2409 of them? I didn't manage to find a number. I did not download the data from the site you linked though.

It's much easier for us to fetch data from Openstreetmap since that is halfly automated. Every country that would require a special solution takes about one day of workarounds and building new import scripts.

OSM has changed from 2412 to 2311 counties (Municipalities) though.

Wikipedia seems to be stuck in 2010 with 2596 (, or 2352 from 2014 in their native language ( In the later I kinda guessed what the sentence was saying by reading two numbers.

We will during the day upgrade to the latest data of OSM. I have manually tried to find a difference between the old map and the new one, but I can't find a single change. The map is too complex to compare with the eye.
answered Apr 11, 2016 by magma1447 (Admin) (221,810 points)
I got this information when I select all counties in ArcMap which are in the dataset and belongs to Switzerland (IC='ch').

Latest changes are "readable" on - but unfortunately only in German.

The data are provide as *.shp. Do you can read this format or do you need another format. Unfortunately Ive no idea about datamanipulation in OSM, so I couldnt adapt the new geometries.