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0 votes
I recently took a trip out of the country and converted two muggles to cachers. I would love to track their adventures and encourage them as they cache.


in Feature requests by MIQuaks (120 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
We rushed our friend system into the site due to another great idea we had. Sadly, we did not get permission to create what we wanted, so the friends system is in a bit of a limbo state.

We would like to have some form of friend tracking. Receiving emails of what they have logged and such, but we have not managed to make a design that we liked. Ie, we don't know how we would like it to work ourselves. So, due to lack of fantasy, nothing has happened, and it's not really planned in the pipeline either.

Great ideas and suggestions are welcome.
by magma1447 (Admin) (234k points)
Ce qui serait bien ça serait sous la forme d'un fil d'actualité de nos amis. Trié par date (le plus récent en haut).
Avec la date, le pseudo, le statut (found-it, DNF, note), le code GC, le pays/région. Quand on clic sur la ligne, le log/photo s'affiche.
Ca permettrait de suivre nos amis, encourager les nouveaux accros, et lire les beaux logs que certains font toujours.

What would be great it would be in the form of a news feed of friends. Sorted by date (newest on top).
With the date, username, status (found-it, DNF, note), the GC code, country / region. When you click on the line, the log / photo is displayed.
It would follow our friends, encourage new addicts, and read the fine logs some still do.