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Map Counties is a tool where users with a paid membership can get an overview of what counties in a country they have logged a geocache in and which they have not logged a geocache in. The map can also be used to find suitable caches for logging that county.

The search can be done at either country or region and the result shows as a map with the standard map features, under the map are information about how many counties the user have logged in the area and how many counties there are in the area. All the counties and the number of caches the user have logged in each area are listed in alphabetical order under the map.

The filters available for the tool are:

It should be noted that these filters generally only affect the geocaches shown on the map, not if the county would be considered logged or not. The Logdate-filter would be the exception since it can be used to show how many counties the user logged during a specific year or other time frame.

Clicking on a county will give a small box with the number of finds and the name of the county, clicking the text in the box will show the geocaches available in the county.

The polygons of the counties might look a bit broken when looking closely, for example they might be overlapping or have gaps. This is only the presentation layer, it is an optimization to save CPU in the user's web browser. The polygons used to allocate counties for the caches have more vertices and are more exact.

The polygons of the counties can show in three colors. Red polygons where the user have not found a cache, green where they have found a cache or enough caches if the loop-filter is applied. The third color is a mix of red and green, this indicates that the user have found enough caches in the area but if Antipode caches and other caches with similar issues are excluded the user have not found enough caches in the area. In Color blind mode blue is used instead of red, the red-green mixed color remains the same.