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The PQ splitter is a tool to help the user know what date to split their Pocket Queries at when creating them at Geocaching.com. Since Project-GC's data might sometimes be a bit out of date a reserve range of 10 geocaches per PQ is used (i.e., if the option for splitting at 1000 is chosen, the tool will split at 990 to make it more likely that it will fit), in case there are geocaches that have been unarchived.

Different filters can be applied like Cache location, Cache type / size, Difficulty / Terrain, Hide Found/Owned/Not found, Hide premium, Center/radius(km) and From/To Hidden date.

The results shows the dates for when the Pocket Queries should be split, how many GPX files that will be needed and the total number of caches. The option for splitting at 1000 or at 500 is shown since 500 used to be the limit to get the PQs by email.