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Latest Logs Feature [[Project-GC Userscript

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Latest Logs is a feature that displays the a graphical summary of the 5 most recent logs of a geocache. It will display the icons that represent the kinds of logs at the top of the page under the section for the size of the Geocache (see below). Latest logs.png

Change Log

2022-08-23; Issue #109. Fixed in v2.3.15

Updated the code to account for the changes in the HTML. A span was added. Around Line 1082, changed from:

if (latestLogs.length < 5) {
    var node = $(jNode).find('div.HalfLeft.LogType h4 img[src]'),
        logType = {};

--> to:

if (latestLogs.length < 5) {
    var node = $(jNode).find('span.h4 img[src]'),
        logType = {};