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The percentage description do not seem to make sense. The more people who can find a cache the lower the difficulty should go. The formula shown here has it increasing. I suspect it is people who do not qualify.

Consider the case where 100% of cachers in the region, 100% in the country and 100% in the world all qualify. This would be an easy challenge. But by the example on the page, this would have a high score.

You are correct, something is wrong but I haven't had the time to check it, not available this week. Here is the code a bit simplified, I already had it available.
magma1447 (3305483) (talk) 18:10, 24 June 2021 (CEST)
The confusion appears to be with how the percents are calculated and that is not in the code.
Yes, the code is correct. I posted the code so that the error in the Wiki article could be detected and corrected. I won't have time to look at it myself until next week. On a five days long gc-trip/mini vacation.
magma1447 (3305483) (talk) 19:49, 24 June 2021 (CEST)

Sounds great. Have a great time.

Texas example error

The formula states:

3*$worldPercent + 5*$countryPercent + 10*$regionPercent

In the Texas example; it's...

3*$regionPercent + 5*$countryPercent + 10*$worldPercent

Also note that when any of these percentages increases; the Challenge difficulty also increases when decrease would be expected.