The Calendar Cacher

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The Calendar Cacher
General data
Name The Calendar Cacher
Max loops 99
Bronze 90
Silver 150
Gold 220
Platinum 280
Ruby 330
Sapphire 350
Emerald 365
Diamond 366

The Calendar Cacher

pgc-badge.php?icon=TheCalendarCacher&quality=D&.png Log Geocaches on every date in the calendar. The year is irrelevant, so you can work this up over several years.


pgc-badge.php?icon=TheCalendarCacher&quality=D&loop=99&.png By having at least two finds on every calendar date you will start looping this badge. Will leap day hold you back?


No addons available. However, other badges can trigger a calendar-addon.

Related tools

You can find a list of which dates you require at


This Badge existed in BadgeGen v3. Some changes have been made to the requirements.