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The 360 from home tool is designed to help with The All Around Cacher-badge.

How to use

  • Use the Goal-slider to select how many geocaches you want found in each sector.
  • The 'pie chart' is only to get a fast overview. Switch to the 'Map'-pane to get into the interactive part of the tool.
  • Red beams/rays on the map represents those sectors where you are lacking finds.
  • Green beams/rays already have as many as you have chosen with the slider.
  • You can click a beam to turn it 'blue'. Once it's blue it will show Geocaches that belongs to that sector.
  • The beams/rays are drawn as far as the furthest geocache from the home coordinates are, within the viewport of the map, and with a minimum distance of 50 km. If there is no beam drawn, there are no geocaches in that sector within the viewport.
  • Click the cog-button to open settings if you wish to change the default filters.
  • Your home coordinates can be updated at Geocaching.com.


The effect of directions on the spherical earth