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The 360 from home tool is designed to help with The All Around Cacher-badge.

In development

The tool is still in development. As for now the preview is only available to paying members. The final tool is likely to be available to free users as well, though the functionality will most likely be quite limited. Virtual GPS is a paid feature for example, but there most likely will be other limitations as well.

Next in line to implement is support for Virtual GPS and methods to turn on/off found/owner geocaches.

How to use

  • Use the Goal-slider to select how many geocaches you want found in each sector.
  • Red beams/rays on the map represents those sectors where you are lacking finds.
  • Green beams/rays already have as many as you have chosen with the slider.
  • You can click a beam to turn it *blue*. Once it's blue it will show Geocaches that belongs to that sector.


The effect of directions on the spherical earth