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The Maps tab is a tab in a users Profile Stats that shows where they have found caches. At the top there is a World map that shows how many of the 250 countries the user have found caches in, under the world map all the found countries are listed with the number of caches found in each country.

Next is a map of the country where the user have found the most caches followed by maps for the continents where the user have found caches and after that a map for each country that the user have found a cache in. This tab will be very long if the user have logged many countrys.

The maps of individual countries have toggle buttons for regions and counties, there is also buttons for each individual region that the user have found caches in, clicking the button with the regionname produces a map of the region with the found counties marked.


Every area where the geocacher has found at least one geocache gets colored to show that they have geocached there. There are five levels of colors, the darker the color, the more finds in the area. The color levels are based on two requirements, whichever is lowest (easiest) is used.

Color levels
Level Fixed requirement Dynamic requirement
1 1 N/A
2 10 10%
3 100 30%
4 1000 50%
5 5000 80%

The dynamic requirement is based on how many percent of the currently active geocaches the geocacher has found. More than 100% is possible if some of the finds are now archived.