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Project-GC is a site trying to deliver all kinds of dynamically generated statistics related to Geocaching. Added to that we have plenty of maps and tools that might be useful to you. More information can be found here.

To provide you with data we are using the Groundspeak Geocaching Live API, most pages, including this one, requires you to authenticate us with your Groundspeak account

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Challenge Checkers

Here you can check if you have completed some of the challenge caches around the world.

Not all checkers are 100% accurate and most are probably not created by the author of the challenge itself. You therefore have to make sure that the result actually is correct before you log the challenge caches as found.

For more information, visit the help section on this page, or view the FAQ.

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Checker statistics

Active scripts:11,275
Active tags:67,594
Script creators:166
Tag creators:2,131
Unique challenges:54,088
Total successful:11,303,719*
Total fail:13,562,094*
* Since October 2014