Site Information

Project-GC is a website aiming to provide dynamic statistics for all geocachers in the world. Besides statistics there are several map tools that might be helpful. The goal is to make the best third party geocaching site available.

All statistics are produced with data from, retrieved via the Geocaching LIVE api.


Main developer and founder of Project-GC is magma1447 (from Sweden). You can contact me via email to our [javascript protected email address]. Please always include your geocaching name in a clear manner.

I have a lot of help from other geocachers with testing and ideas. Feedback is important for things to improve, so don't hesitate to contact us. If you want to contribute in other ways, please take a look here.

How recent is the data?

Most data is only hours old. But there are circumstances that will take a longer time to detect. What is detected within the given time frame is new found (or equivalent depending on cache type) logs. Deleted/edited logs might take a longer time. Adopting of caches or changing of status (disabled/archived) might also take a longer time to detect. So how long time will it take then? That depends, if the cache in questions gets a found log, everything else should sync up as well. Otherwise it takes up to 30 days for a non archived cache and up to 90 days for an archived one. The more precise time depends on a lot of factors, including the age of the cache.

Existing features

A few of many things that you can find here:

  • Top lists in all/most forms, including favorite percent.
  • Help finding DT combos/hidden months/hidden dates.
  • Batch discover trackables.
  • Statistics over countries.
  • Overall statistics for yourself.
  • Compare caches taken between you and a friend.
  • Statbars and cache series overviews.
  • Logs or favorite points received over time.
  • Helpful Challenge checkers.
  • Automatically generated Profile statistics - Very easy to use, lots of data.
  • Our Virtual GPS system - A shopping cart for geocaches.

What's next?

Site is undergoing heavy development, which might mean:
  • There most likely are bugs, some that we are aware of, some that we are not.
  • If you have found a bug, please use the support button which exists on the top right of most pages. There are plenty of todos in the ticket system, but eventually we will get to it.
  • Feature requests are most welcome, please use the support buttons for these as well.
  • There is a very long todo list and right now it's just growing.
  • Follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates and information about disruptions.

Some history ..

It all started with the idea to provide myself and some friends with helpful tools for Geocaching.

After some time I was asked to make statistics for the region in Sweden where I lived and I started to work on that. Since a lot of people started showing interest in what I was doing I took it to the next level and made the project much bigger, which also required a lot of time.

A year later I started to let some people use it through a post about it on a local forum. After that it spread via word of mouth. In the beginning of May 2012 the use of Geocaching Live could be announced. We started with focus on Europe. But from October 2012 we also had full support for North America. And not long after that the whole world was covered.