This page contains search links within geocaching and some search methods. An excellent start page for your webbrowser.

The links are found under Quick links together with a wildcard search function. The wildcard search uses our extended search technology, more about that below.

Under Advanced search we have a very advanced search engine where you can use multiple fields at once to find what you are looking for. Including geocache descriptions and geocache logs. Each field can be used in different ways to satisfy your needs. Paying members only Read more here.

Wildcard search

The wildcard search under Quick links has multiple fields available, which can be referenced. The wildcard search uses extended query syntax. Example of searching for challenges owned by a specific user: @profile_name magma1447 @type unknown @name challenge.

The fields available are: gccode, name, type, size, country, region, county, placed_by, profile_name.

Extended search technology

The Extended search technology is based on searches on letters. Special characters like exclamation marks, commas or other punctation will not be matched. However, other very advanced syntaxes can be given. A complete documentation of the language can be found here.

An example for filtering cache names for the word Challenge, but not Finds: challenge !finds