GBTE 2017

This page is a part of our small sponsorship to the Geocacher RaduC on his bicycle trip from Odense (Denmark) to Roman (Romania).

On this page you will be able to follow his progress, both his track and which geocaches he has logged during the trip. The data is based on tracking of his smartphone and is therefore dependant on his cellular data availability and battery.

One man, one bike, 15 countries, 7000 km, 150 days and 2000 geocaches to find. The adventure starts in July 2017! Follow me on

Radu C, geocacher from Romania

Trip statistics

  • Total distance travelled: 8,136 km (approximated)
  • Number of caches logged: 1667
  • T5 caches logged: 150
  • Virtual caches logged: 38
  • Webcam caches logged: 11
  • Number of countries visited: 16
  • Number of caches per day: 0.84
  • Unique cache types: 9
  • Unique cache sizes: 7
  • Number of D/T matrixes: 0

VGPS statistics

  • Number of caches: 1456
  • Number found: 1415