[Cancelled] CO's Fav points
October 23, 2016 09:18PM

i would like to know,

is there a checker that finds out how many favourite points a Cache Owner has in a region?
not the cache but the owner.


Re: CO's Fav points
October 23, 2016 09:33PM
I'm sorry but this challenge is not allowed anymore under the new guidelines therefor there is no checker for this.

Please read http://support.groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=206#criteria
Not acceptable - Requiring cachers to own a cache.
Re: CO's Fav points
October 30, 2016 08:45PM
On can get all the hides for a user and sum the points. So the quick answer to your question is yes.

The open question is why? What are you planning on doing with the favorite points from the CO?
Re: CO's Fav points
October 30, 2016 09:11PM
An if you just want to know for an area there is a pgc function for that
Re: CO's Fav points
November 07, 2016 11:20AM
No feedback received from Chezrascal, request cancelled
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