[Cancelled] GC9DR4W century Challenge
July 11, 2021 02:38PM
I would like a checker the same as GC4T8MP, to place in Ireland.
The idea is that days are counted between when a cacher logs a cache online, and the difference in days is calculated between their "found" log, and the previous online "found" log. these days are then added up for all caches to total 36,525 days. (the total number of days in a century, including leap days)

All caches, archived, and active, of all types count towards the numbers.

Re: GC9DR4W century Challenge
July 11, 2021 09:25PM
Can you ask your reviewer if he would allow this challenge because the last instruction I received from GeocachingHQ was that these challenges were not allowed anymore

If you ask by posting a reviewer note on the cache page, remember that you have to submit the cache for review for the reviewer to see your question
Re: GC9DR4W century Challenge
July 18, 2021 12:03PM
Unfortunaletly, not allowed by our reviewer.
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