Re: Georgia's Great AnimalsChase Challenge GV37J55

[Cancelled] Georgia's Great AnimalsChase Challenge GV37J55
July 17, 2022 04:24AM
1. FIVE of your 26 caches must be found after November 12, 2011. (this way everyone plays fair, besides would it be any fun if you already had them all?)

2. There are no geographical limitations for the cache finds. This means that your finds can be from any state or country.

3. All cache types are allowed including events, virtuals, earthcaches, etc.

4. Breeds of animals are allowed such as Beagle, Parrot, Mustang, etc.

5. Only one letter per cache. Example: Lions, Tigers & Bears can be used for either L or T or B. It CANNOT be used for three separate caches of L, T & B.

6. No fictional or mythical names allowed, such as, Snoopy, Garfield, Unicorn, etc.

7. You must either post a public bookmark with all 26 caches plus this cache to make 27 caches. (see my bookmark list for an example). Or, you can document each cache in your log. Either option must include the date you found it. If you document the list in your log, you must include the GC#, title of each cache, and your found date.

8. When your bookmark is complete, send me an email via my profile page for final approval. Once I approve your list, you can go look for the cache. It may take a few days to review the qualifying caches.

9. You may not count any cache which you have hidden or have ever owned. Only caches which were active at the time found and the log signed are eligible.
Re: Georgia's Great AnimalsChase Challenge GV37J55
July 17, 2022 10:31AM
I am sorry but the checker system has no database for animals so It will not be possible to make a checker for this challenge.
Re: Georgia's Great AnimalsChase Challenge GV37J55
July 17, 2022 11:44PM
Thanks for all you do!
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