[Resolved] Checkers for old challenges

[Resolved] Checkers for old challenges
July 31, 2020 06:43PM
GC38ZCR "Mat 20 Challenge"
GC38ZCT "Mat 25 Challenge"
GC38ZCQ "Mat 15 Challenge"
I think these scripts exist. These are old challenge before guideline changes. Thanks!
Re: Checkers for old challenges
August 01, 2020 05:52PM

People that used the old owner for adopted caches (like yourself for the 15 and WanderingExplorer for the 25) will be flagged as not qualified any more, since it uses owner_id to check owner and only know about the current one.

All 3 works for fish2007 with almost 95k finds, but someone with a high count that didn't qualify until later may get a timeout.
It may be possible to optimize it slightly, but right now it's not worth the time.
Re: Checkers for old challenges
December 19, 2020 06:02AM
I’m glad to see there are now checkers for these three caches. I get the impression from the cache logs that people are somehow able to run them and receive output for a span of one year in the past (not defaulting to a year boundary). But, when I run them it defaults to the previous year ending in today’s date. Is there a way to have the script select any previous “year”?

Example log from GC38ZCQ includes this phrase, “ Between 2017-04-21 and 2018-04-15 I found 15 matching owners.”
Re: Checkers for old challenges
August 01, 2020 11:33PM
Sweet! Thanks!
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