July 11, 2021 07:01PM
According to my reviewer, challenges for badges are not allowed.

Can you write a script that checks for these requirements, not using the badge generator?

Per Reviewer:
Challenges based on BadgeGen are not acceptable because it's a tool out of the control of GCHQ, and subject to change. You've done a good job avoiding any mention of BadgeGen in the cache description, but... in the past year or so there were major changes to BadgeGen including changes to the number needed for various award levels. I identified 6 awards (before I quite checking) where the Diamond award is now based on a different number than listed in your cache description. The checker is NOT checking for the numbers in your cache description, it's simply checking for a badge award. The checker, as designed, is not acceptable for a cache under the current guidelines.
July 12, 2021 05:34PM
What are the requirements?
July 12, 2021 07:52PM
Meet at least 16 of the conditions listed below.

1) The long-distance cacher
Find a cache 10,000 km from your home coordinates
2) The Large Cacher
Find at least 180 caches of the size "large"
3) The Photogenic Cacher
Find 40 or more webcam caches
4) The Mysterious Cacher
Find 1800 or more mystery caches
5) The Small Cacher
Find 3000 or more caches of the size "small"
6) The Geocacher
Find 18000 or more caches
7) The Multi Cacher
Find 1800 or more multi-caches
8) The Social Cacher
Attend 180 or more events
9) The Rugged Cacher
Find 180 or more caches of the "Terrain 5" rating
10) The Traveling Cacher
Find caches in 35 or more countries
11) Head-In-The-Clouds Award
Find a cache that is at least 4500m above sea level
12) The Brainiac
Find 60 or more caches with the rating "Difficulty 5"
13) The Micro Cacher
Find 4500 or more "micro" size caches
14) The Regular Cacher
Find 2000 or more "regular" size caches
15) The Virtual Cacher
Find 180 or more virtual caches
16) The Mega Social Cacher
Participate in 8 or more mega events
17) The Head-In-The-Ground Award
Find a cache that is at least 100 m below sea level
18) The Earth Cacher
Find 180 or more Earth Caches
19) The Calendar Cacher
Find a cache on at least 365 different calendar days
20) The Environmental Cacher
Attend 12 or more Cito events
21) The Wherigo Cacher
Find 60 or more Wherigo caches
22) The Matrix Cacher
Fill your D / T matrix at least 81 times
23) The Adventurous Cacher
Find 30 or more caches with the rating "D5 / T5"
24) The Traditional Cacher
Find 15000 or more traditional caches
25) The letterboxer
Find 50 or more letterbox caches

July 12, 2021 08:03PM
1) The long-distance cacher
Find a cache 10,000 km from your home coordinates

What a checker can not do
    * The checkers does not have access to the user's home coordinates. Challenges are not allowed to be based upon them either, and haven't been allowed to for several years. This is a matter of integrity.
July 12, 2021 08:34PM
Here is the link to a checker

I remove 1) The long-distance cacher but placed in the checker the Daily (Streak) cacher

Please test and reply
July 17, 2021 08:27PM
Worked great, but took a while for reviewer.... Released today!
Thanks vogelbird!
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