Badge Points v4
April 08, 2020 02:11PM
Got the first request for a BadgeGen v4 checker, even though v4 is still shown as beta, so spent some time revamping my Badge Points script to cater for v3 and v4. I'm pretty sure some of the badges violate the current challenge checker guidelines, but I added the ability to check for those regardless and flagged them with [*] in the output. Likewise lab cache finds are also fuzzy in terms of challenges so I've flagged those with [L] in the output. Below are two checkers that test for BadgeGen v3 and v4, with their relevant levels (thanks for the assist @magma1447). I'd love some comment on whether they're flagged correctly and whether the lab cache finds would be allowed for the relevant badges, especially from the reviewers who frequent these forums.


PS: I'm not sure about the Social Cacher badge since it appears to only contain normal Event Caches based on the v4 beta numbers on, yet L&F events are mentioned on the Wiki? Maybe that's a v3 / v4 change?

PPS: the [*] "grandfathered" badges will not be available by default since they violate the guidelines for new challenges but might be useful for pre 2016 challenges.
Re: Badge Points v4
April 08, 2020 02:50PM
Can you enable the checkers so we can have a look at the output
Re: Badge Points v4
April 08, 2020 02:52PM
Apologies. Made one last edit to the script and forgot to enable it again.
Re: Badge Points v4
April 08, 2020 03:55PM
Here are my remarks
4 The Busy Cacher [*] [L] Not allowed - Find and log many Geocaches on the same date
5 The Cache Owner [*] Not allowed - Hide Geocaches
6 The Caching Veteran [L] Allowed - Find and log Geocaches during different years
7 The Calendar Cacher [L] Allowed but diamond badge must be 1 loop plus Leapday allowed
8 The Daily Cacher [L] Allowed - Log Geocaches every day in a sequence
9 The Diverse Cacher [*] [L] Not allowed - Log Geocaches with different cache types during the same day
12 The Event Host [*] Not allowed - Host geocaching events to claim this badge
13 The FTF Addict [*] Not allowed - Log First to Find on Geocaches
15 The Favorited Owner [*] Not allowed - Sum up the favorite points of your Geocaching hides.
16 The GPS Maze Cacher [*] Not allowed - GPS maze is not accepted by reviewers as a valid criteria
18 The Giga Social Cacher Not allowed - GIGA is not accepted by reviewers as a valid criteria
21 The Lab Cacher [*] [L] Not allowed - Specifying Lab Cache finds.
24 The Long-Distance Cacher [*]Not allowed - Log Geocaches far from home.
36 The Social Cacher Allowed - Attend any events to claim this badge
37 The Trackable Lover [*] Not allowed - Log Trackables

All others allowed
Re: Badge Points v4
April 08, 2020 04:10PM
Thanks. So it's only The Giga Social Cacher that's not accepted by reviewers, in addition to the ones I've already flagged as [*] / not acceptable. Would you say the ones I've flagged as [L] are acceptable to include Lab Caches? Yes, ignore The Lab Cacher which is already excluded and flagged as [*] / not acceptable.
Re: Badge Points v4
April 08, 2020 04:37PM
Yes I agree with (L) to be included
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