Wrong order when using OLDESTFIRST for certain condition
August 01, 2020 03:13PM
Ran into an odd problem when listing userfinds by oldest first.

User: MindlessEngine

local userFinds = PGC.GetFinds(profileId, { fields = { 'gccode', 'type', 'size', 'owner_id', 'cache_name', 'visitdate', 'country', 'region', 'county', 'difficulty', 'terrain' }, filter = filter, ORDER = 'OLDESTFIRST' })

Iterating the list using
for i, c in ipairs(userFinds)
produces a weird result.
His 342nd find was done at 2019-03-17 (GC4P1MN) and his 343rd was 2020-03-29 (GC2JWV1).
Checking the logs for that cache he did find it at 2020-03-29, but he also made a NM at 2019-03-18.
It seems that ORDER = 'OLDESTFIRST' uses the date for his NM-log instead of his found-log.

No idea if it's just this one user that's a special case, or if it might effect everyone with a NM-log before a found-log.
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