USA polygons

USA polygons
April 28, 2022 03:53PM
Today I will update USA's polygon data with OSM data from 2020-04-04 (Y-M-D). From what I can see there are no changes. But since it's a big country I wanted to inform you anyway. In case you hear something, you know what it could be.

Here is the output of the compare script between live and a test import.
LIVE Country areas:  count=1  geom4326=10,318,021 km²  geom4326_landonly=94,852,516 km²
TEST Country areas:  count=1  geom4326=10,320,530 km²  geom4326_landonly=94,847,498 km²

LIVE Region areas:  count=51  geom4326=10,090,286 km²  geom4326_landonly=94,852,513 km²
TEST Region areas:  count=51  geom4326=10,092,795 km²  geom4326_landonly=94,847,495 km²

LIVE Counties areas:  count=3143  geom4326=9,711,791 km²  geom4326_landonly=93,612,574 km²
TEST Counties areas:  count=3143  geom4326=9,714,048 km²  geom4326_landonly=93,607,533 km²

Regions on Live only:

Regions on Test only:

Counties on Live only:

Counties on Test only:

Region size differences:

County size differences:
Ketchikan Gateway (AK)                 17240 km²               12722 km²
  (water vs landonly)                  17503 km²               12722 km²
  Difference                            +262 (1.5%)               +0 (2.1%)
Prince of Wales-Hyder (AK)             19944 km²               10178 km²
  (water vs landonly)                  21976 km²               10178 km²
  Difference                           +2032 (10.2%)               +0 (20.0%)
Tillman County (OK)                     2280 km²                2280 km²
  (water vs landonly)                   2308 km²                2308 km²
  Difference                             +28 (1.2%)              +28 (1.2%)
Tulsa County (OK)                       1502 km²                1502 km²
  (water vs landonly)                   1519 km²                1519 km²
  Difference                             +17 (1.1%)              +17 (1.1%)

There were four renamed counties in OSM, but I forced PGC to use the old ones to keep better backwards compatibility with existing challenge checkers.

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