Re: Caribbean challenge

Caribbean challenge
June 03, 2020 03:22PM

I have the project to ask for a cache-challenge concerning all the Caribbean islands ("Find x caches in the Caribbean").

Is there already a script that allows you to list all the countries (and territorial possessions like Puerto Rico) or do I have to list them in the description of my checker request?

Thank's for your answer. Didier from Loulousoleil.
Re: Caribbean challenge
June 03, 2020 03:53PM
Yes, there is a script that can give you the countries

The list is at the moment
"Antigua and Barbuda",
"Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba",
"British Virgin Islands",
"Cayman Islands",
"Costa Rica",
"Dominican Republic",
"Netherlands Antilles",
"Puerto Rico",
"Saint Barthélemy",
"Saint Kitts and Nevis",
"Saint Lucia",
"Saint Martin",
"Saint Pierre and Miquelon",
"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines",
"Sint Maarten",
"Trinidad and Tobago",
"Turks and Caicos Islands",
"US Virgin Islands"
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