Re: Challenge difficulty

Challenge difficulty
June 03, 2021 11:30AM

as I remember at challenge checkers i've seen some time ago the "challenge difficulty" - but actually I don't see it.
Has this tag been deleted or have I to do some extra clicks to see these?

Re: Challenge difficulty
June 03, 2021 03:04PM
When the cache is published and a number of people have used the checker the numbers are appearing
Re: Challenge difficulty
June 03, 2021 03:14PM

it would have been nice to see the difficulty in advance - so I can do the difficulty of the cache - but I can adjust it later .
Are there recommendations e.g a challenge difficulty of 50 should be a D2.5?
Re: Challenge difficulty
June 03, 2021 03:42PM
No, the difficulty depends largely on the quantity of caches available in your local area or cachers passing the checker

Just as a hint you can use the statistics

together with filters you can estimate a difficulty

An example
Earthcaches in 20 countries
141 cachers from Austria pass the checker which gives a difficulty 3.5 or 4.0 again depending of the region

I use the stats
5 for 30 cachers passing
4.5 for 60 cachers
4 for 120 etc
but it depends on local conditions
Re: Challenge difficulty
June 09, 2021 02:33AM
This page has some interesting tables that apply to correlation of Project-gc difficulty versus difficulty.
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